30+ years ago a little Metis girl was born into a life of amazing potential blocked by great sickness, knowing nothing of the body's amazing ability to heal itself.

One day she met a Chiropractor who taught her about the Nervous system, the body, and the power of thought, changing her life forever. Today Brandi teaches health philosophy, business leadership and offers healing hope to others.

Welcome to True Concepts Inc! These quality, vitalistic training tools will increase any Chiropractic Assistant's certainty!

True Concepts Inc.products and services provides the following:

  • Enhancement of the Chiropractic Assistant's role within the healing environment
  • Bridges the communication between the CA and the Doctor
  • Requires less training time from the Doctor so that they may focus MORE on their patient care
  • Stimulates inspiring staff training sessions and staff meetings
  • Increases the Chiropractic Assistants certainty about Chiropractic
  • Assists with patient retention, referrals and profitability

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True Concepts products are designed to increase the Chiropractic Assistants role in the practice and improve the team dyanmic.
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